Finding the balance between cost and functionality

When you go online looking to buy a specific product, whether it be a phone, TV, pair of shoes, or car, you often determine what you need and then shop around. If you then did a search for a particular make or model, you could compare like for like prices. It’s fairly simple. However, it is different when it comes to custom products, which is what a purpose-built spreadsheet is. If you approached me for a custom-made spreadsheet, I would discuss what you need, and then give you a price for the spreadsheet. If what I quoted is within your budget, and the spreadsheet does all you want, then you may be more than happy to proceed. But what if it is not?


You could go elsewhere to get an alternative quote, however their interpretation of your requirements would likely differ, so you still don’t know if you’re comparing apples with apples. You also don’t know about quality differences. So, if a quote from me is out of your budget, do you have to go without? No. I listen to what you need, and I quote to make what I believe will benefit you. I want you to be impressed with the spreadsheet you get from me, so I usually quote for the most comprehensive solution possible.


What you can then do, is look at what I am offering, and look at the price. Are there elements of the spreadsheet that you’re prepared to sacrifice? Are there ways to make it simpler (possibly sacrificing functionality, or automation)? You may have to ask me this, which I will gladly answer. If these can be done, they could well reduce the price, bringing it down within your budget. Alternatively, what if I quote and you have a higher budget? Well, there are often ways I can improve spreadsheets, even when I have quoted on a comprehensive solution. I often chat to would-be clients, when they come to me with a particular problem which we solve together. If they then said that they had more of a budget, we could look at what follows on from that spreadsheet, and possibly get it to do more. Things that the client didn’t necessarily know they even needed to solve. I’ve recently made a spreadsheet to monitor projects. When complete, the client realised that what we now had could be used to automate other process that followed on from the spreadsheet, and they are already thinking about add-ons.


So, if you receive a quote from me, and the price is too high, or you feel that you have more budget available and want a more comprehensive spreadsheet, then talk to me. I want to give you the best solution I can, for a price that you’re happy with. Yes, if you want a massively comprehensive spreadsheet for £50, I’m likely going to chase you away, but anything within reason can and should be discussed. I realise that people have budgets, and they also have needs for spreadsheets. I would very much like to find the balance between the two. You get the best you can for the money you wish to spend, and I get to make you an awesome spreadsheet. Win, win. The last thing we need is for you to ghost me because the price is too high, when I could have made some adjustments, and you could have had a spreadsheet for the price you wanted. I’d also hate to give you a spreadsheet that could have been more comprehensive, if that was more important to you than the budget.


Do you need a custom spreadsheet made? If so, get in touch.