Why People Still Use Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets have been around for as long as I have and yet they are still used. Not only that, but they are used often. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the results of the poll.

How many spreadsheets used

Most businesses use at least one spreadsheet which is key to their processes, many use more than one. Why do they do this? In an age where business software is abundant, why use an old tool like Excel? Here are just some reasons:




Many people think of spreadsheets as outdated bookkeeping software, but in reality, they can be used to make anything. They are essentially a blank canvas of possibilities, just like a software coding platform, but using formulas instead of coding. Excel in the right hands can be transformed into any kind of software that you may need for your business. Excel is often described as ‘the second-best solution for anything’. What they mean by this is that a specifically designed software programme would be better than a spreadsheet, but in almost any case, a spreadsheet is the next best thing. That just shows how flexible it is. Most businesses squash their business and processes into their ‘off the shelf’ software, whereas I make spreadsheets to revolve around my client’s business. If you can’t find the right solutions for you, and you need something to adapt to your needs, a custom spreadsheet may just be the solution you are looking for.




Software, or in this case spreadsheets, need to fit into your process. They need to fit in and follow the right steps, to ensure that your business works. They need to make full use of the data, like helping you track where you are now, and then providing retrospective reports once you are done. This way the data is being used twice. Once to get the job done, and once to report on what happened. Both are vital to businesses. It also needs to work well, and efficiently. I often see companies using software that is not quite right, so it doesn’t do a few things they need it to do, but it tries to do a whole lot that they don’t need it to. When I make spreadsheets, I try and make the perfect fit, so it does exactly what the client needs. No wasted effort, and no missing information.




As I mentioned, spreadsheets can be used for anything. CRM solutions, project management tools, process tracking, staff management, data analysis, and even alerts and reminders. I have made hundreds of ready-made and bespoke spreadsheets over the years, and I am constantly thinking of new applications to create in Excel. The only thing standing between you and the solution you need, is your ability to get Excel to do what you want. This is where I come in. I will take time to understand what you need, I may challenge your approach to get the best solution out, and the I will use this extremely versatile tool to make a custom solution for you.




People think Excel is easy to use when making spreadsheet, and it may be, but it is hard to make them properly. I have years of experience, and I make them with you and your staff in mind. This means that they are simply to use and have added alerts and checks for incorrect data. I always ask about your process, so that I can make the spreadsheets as user-friendly as possible. Not only that, but as the data is easily extractable, you can use the data elsewhere. You can either have more spreadsheets made to analyse data from others, or simply extract the data to work with it. Many software programmes export or import data from spreadsheets, so they are incredibly useful in that regard. I try to make this whole process as easy for you as I can.




Custom spreadsheet made in Excel can be flexible, functional, versatile, and simple. If that sounds like the right solution for you, please get in touch and let’s chat about what you need. I’m here to help.