Let’s Talk About…
A video series about many aspects of business.
Welcome to our video series entitled, “Let’s talk about…”, where we focus on various aspects of business. In each video, we will pose some questions to a professional in the respective industry, so that you can get some useful information for your business. We have included some information below each section, where you can see how our spreadsheets can help you in each area of your business. Click the relevant boxes to find out more.
Let’s talk about…
With Joanne Bell
Scheduled release date: 06 April 2020
More about how spreadsheets can help with ACCOUNTING
Even though we don’t recommend using spreadsheet for bookkeeping for larger businesses, many people still do. We don’t make many bookkeeping spreadsheets, but we do have the Income & Expense Report if you are VAT registered, or the Micro Business Income & Expense spreadsheet for those not large enough to register for VAT (find out about spreadsheets and Making Tax Digital). You can have a look through our Prime Range or Basic Range for some other financial spreadsheets, or get in touch for a bespoke solution. Just because many businesses don’t use spreadsheets for bookkeeping, doesn’t mean we don’t make financial spreadsheets. We often get asked to make solutions to analyse data (often from the accounting software) or to make management dashboards, or just simply to monitor financial aspects not covered by the bookkeeping software.
Let’s talk about…
With Steve Mead
Scheduled release date: 13 April 2020
More about how spreadsheets can help with COST MANAGEMENT
Cost management is about understanding costs and usage, and then making sure that you have the right information to make the right decisions to save money. It may not be as simple as just finding a cheaper supplier, as you are often not comparing apples with apples. We have some examples of such spreadsheets like the Energy Usage Report which measures your energy usage at different times, or the Product Validation Report which shows which products you should be promoting as they are more lucrative. If you just want to compare like for like prices, we have the Purchase Price Comparison. These are all in our Prime Range, but we also have some options in our Basic Range, like the Fuel Consumption Logbook, to help you see which fuel is the most cost-effective. We realise that this kind of problem often requires a bespoke solution, so if you need one, please get in touch.
Let’s talk about…
With Chris Shaw
Scheduled release date: 20 April 2020
More about how spreadsheets can help with DATA ANALYSIS
As you would have heard in the video, data analysis and Excel go together like fish and chips. Once you have decided what questions you wish to have answered, and you have the relevant data, we can create a spreadsheet to analyse that data, to find the answers that you need. Although these kind of spreadsheets are usually bespoke projects, we do have some simple solutions in our Prime Range of products, as well as some in the Basic Range (both ranges have a data analysis filter). You can see the File Download Report that I mention in the video, as well as the Energy Usage Report that analyses businesses energy usage.We also have a page about Analysing Exported CSV Data, and another page on the importance of Data Analysis. Finally, you can read our blog post about getting More Out of Your Data. If you’re still in doubt as to how we can help you wish data analysis, feel free to get in touch.
Let’s talk about…
With Elad Amir
Scheduled release date: 27 April 2020
More about how spreadsheets can help with EFFECTIVE PRICING
As you can imagine, this usually comes down to bespoke solutions, so if you require such a tool, please get in touch and let’s chat about what would work for you. We do have a few ready-made solutions that may work for you, like the Quote Calculator Report or the Project Budget Tracker if you wish to compare actual costs with the estimates. These are both in the Prime Range, but we also have some in the Basic Range, like the Project Quote Calculator or the Platform Price Calculator (if you’re selling online). If you want to be more effective with your pricing, please get in touch.
Let’s talk about…
With Monica Beckles
Scheduled release date: 04 May 2020
More about how spreadsheets can help with HUMAN RESOURCES
We have made many HR solutions, as we realise that the industry in general is lacking the right tools. We have a 360 Staff Appraisal, Annual Leave Schedule, Staff Absentee Schedule, and a Staff Succession Database to name a few, all in our Prime Range. We also have a Simple Staff Appraisal in our Basic Range. We also have a page dedicated to HR Data Analysis, and have written a blog post entitled Spreadsheets and the HR Industry, so take a look at those. We have made many bespoke solutions for HR requirements, as all business are different, and they all have their own processes. If you need something bespoke, please get in touch.
Let’s talk about…

With Stefan Drew

Scheduled release date: 11 May 2020
More about how spreadsheets can help with MARKETING
Marketing campaigns involve a fair bit of planning, reporting, and admin, and those can often be made better and easier with spreadsheets. We have the Sales & Marketing Dashboard in the Prime Range store, which will help you to establish your return on investment on your marketing. We also have a Marketing Campaign Report, which is on our Basic Range of spreadsheets. Many of the marketing related spreadsheet that we make are bespoke projects, as there is no real one-size-fits-all solution to marketing. Take a look at the blog post entitled What I Learned with 3 Months of Marketing Data, and then get in touch for your own solution.
Let’s talk about…
With Craig Constantinides
Scheduled release date: 18 May 2020
More about how spreadsheets can help with ONLINE RETAIL
Online retail is about understanding data, and making the required changes to stay ahead of the pack. We have made many bespoke spreadsheets to achieve this, so please get in touch if you would like to chat to us about your own solution. We have made a few solutions for online retail, like the Platform Price Calculator (in our Basic Range). We also have some Prime Range products like the Product Validation Report to see which products are most lucrative. If you’re still not sure how data analysis can help your retail sales, take a look at our blog post called Amazon Sellers and Your Wealth of Data. What information do you need to understand to increase your retail sales? Let us know what that is, and let’s see how we can help you.
Let’s talk about…
With Rob Walker
Scheduled release date: 25 May 2020
More about how spreadsheets can help with PROCESSES
As you can see from the video, processes and spreadsheets go hand in hand like bangers and mash. We have a few spreadsheets in our Basic and Prime ranges of ready-made spreadsheets to help with managing your process. The Multiple Project Manager and Basic Process Tracker are good examples. We do however know that businesses usually have unique processes, so we do create many Bespoke solutions for such projects, so please get in touch should you wish to chat about that. If you would like to read more about processes, we have some blog posts about it, like What are Business Processes, Why are they Important, and How can Spreadsheets Help?
Let’s talk about…
With Nicole Reilly
Scheduled release date: 01 June 2020
More about how spreadsheets can help with PROJECT MANAGEMENT
We make many bespoke project management tools, so if you would like your own bespoke spreadsheet, please get in touch with us. We have some ready-made solutions in our Prime Range, like the Multiple Project Manager, the Project Programme Manager, and the Simple Project Tracker. We also have some simple solution in our Basic Range like the Basic Process Tracker and the Project Layout Schedule. We particularly enjoy making project management tools using Excel, so if this is what you need, please get in touch, we’d love to help you.
Let’s talk about…
With Jon Cunningham
Scheduled release date: 08 June 2020
More about how spreadsheets can help with SELLING
With most aspects of business, understanding what has worked well, and what hasn’t, is key. Selling is not different. Do you monitor your sales efforts? We have various spreadsheets to help with this. We often make Bespoke Solutions, as all businesses are different, but we do have some Prime and Basic products available. The Sales Breakdown Report helps to show you where your sales are coming from, where as the Direct Marketing Success Dashboard helps you to report on the efforts of your direct marketing (such as cold calling). If you do undertake cold calling, how about getting our Cold Calling Log & Report or if you would like to know where your in the UK your sales are coming from, we have a Location Sales Report. Sales often comes down to analysing and understanding data, and that is what we do. Please feel free to get in touch and let us know what you need.
Let’s talk about…
With Belinda Barber
Scheduled release date: 15 June 2020
More about how spreadsheets can help with SOCIAL MEDIA
Social Media produces loads of data, and it is important to understand it. Not only your social media analytics, but also how it fits into your overall marketing campaigns. It is also quite time consuming to generate social media content, and spreadsheets can sometimes help with that. These solutions are often bespoke spreadsheets, like one that we made for ourselves that we talk about in this blog post. We have some spreadsheets to help you to generate and schedule tweets, like the Excel Your Tweets spreadsheet in the Prime Range, or the Tweet Creator in the Basic Range. We also have some marketing tools like the Sales & Marketing Dashboard or the Sales Breakdown Report to show you where your business is coming from. If you want to really get technical to try and find out where your website traffic comes from, why not try our Marketing Campaign Report. Also, we have a range of free social media analytics reports, so be sure to get your hands on those. If you want to explore solutions, get in touch.
Let’s talk about…
With Richard Wraith
Scheduled release date: 22 June 2020
More about how spreadsheets can help with WEBSITES & SEO
Websites generate loads of data, and that data needs to be understood. Whether it be SEO, website traffic, downloads, keyword searches, you need to understand your data to know how to improve. We are often making bespoke spreadsheets to monitor all sorts of data. For example, we have the Website Visited Sections Report, Google Keyword Report, File Download Report, and the Google Search Console Page Report in the Basic Range. You may also find some data analysis solutions in our Prime Range. Why not read our blog post entitled Forget Big Data, Understand Your Little Data, or see our page about analysing exported data (in CSV files). If you have data that you want to better understand, get in touch.
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