Analysing Your CSV Files

Analysing Your CSV Files Most of us find that we will need to analyse a CSV file at some point, as many software packages and websites will export them. Whether you are exporting your social media statistics, your website analytics, your plugin statistics or details...

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Why Most SMEs Don’t Have Proper Processes in Place

Why Most SMEs Don't Have Proper Processes in Place Before we start, what is a business system? The online dictionary says the following: A methodical procedure or process that is used as a delivery mechanism for providing specific goods or services to customers. The...

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How Important are Your Business Processes?

How Important are Your Business Processes? There are many aspects to business, and I am not about to suggest that the process is the most important part, but it is vital we get it right. Many people don’t even realise what their process is, let alone acknowledge how...

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Using Excel to Analyse Data

Using Excel to Analyse Data This month I have used Excel in a number of ways, all to analyse data. Excel is brilliant for doing just this, and recently I have used it for all sorts of applications from 360 Staff Appraisals to Web Form Analysis. People spend a fortune...

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Excel, Helpful to Businesses of All Sizes

Excel, Helpful to Businesses of All Sizes I usually try and market to companies containing between 1 and 10 employees. The reason for this is that the product I supply is ideally suited for companies that have expanded beyond a one man band and now have a few people...

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Pivot Table v Formulas

Pivot Table v Formulas One of Excel’s major strengths is analysing data, that is why most people use it. They have data which they have been capturing, and now they need Excel to analyse that data and give them relevant information and statistics that they can use....

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Why Excel is Still the Best Spreadsheet Platform

Why Excel is Still the Best Spreadsheet Platform I have been using Excel in since business since 1996, and that was not because Excel was only available from then, that was because I only started working in 1996 after finishing school. Now I hear that there were other...

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Excel at Marketing (Part 2)

Excel at Marketing (Part 2) As a former investment analyst I am no stranger to using Excel. In the past I generally concentrated on creating financial models and using Excel to forecast revenues, cash flows and profits. Since setting up BuzzSmart, a business solutions...

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