Spreadsheet Not Refreshing?

Spreadsheet Not Refreshing? I have received a few calls of late from my clients, who say that their spreadsheets are not refreshing. They type data in, and it does not change the relevant cells which it should. They then save the workbook, and the changes...

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6 Reasons Why You Should Buy From a Small Business

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy From a Small Business I’m sure you’re beginning to read this article with one of three mindsets. You’re either looking for reasons to confirm what you believe (if you like supporting small businesses, or have one), you disagree...

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Are Spreadsheets GDPR Compliant?

Are Spreadsheets GDPR Compliant? I have been asked a few times if my spreadsheets are GDPR compliant. Instead of explaining this again, I thought I’d rather write this post instead. So, if you’re wondering if spreadsheets are GDPR compliant, read on. I think this...

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Excel and Large Businesses

Excel and Large Businesses People often associate the use of Excel with small and medium sized businesses, because they see it as a 'cheap' version if you can't afford software, but that is not the case. Yes it is an affordable alternative to custom...

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