Are Spreadsheets GDPR Compliant?

Are Spreadsheets GDPR Compliant? I have been asked a few times if my spreadsheets are GDPR compliant. Instead of explaining this again, I thought I’d rather write this post instead. So, if you’re wondering if spreadsheets are GDPR compliant, read on. I...

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Excel and Large Businesses

Excel and Large Businesses People often associate the use of Excel with small and medium sized businesses, because they see it as a 'cheap' version if you can't afford software, but that is not the case. Yes it is an affordable alternative to custom...

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Analysing Your CSV Files

Analysing Your CSV Files Most of us find that we will need to analyse a CSV file at some point, as many software packages and websites will export them. Whether you are exporting your social media statistics, your website analytics, your plugin statistics or details...

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